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Ninite is an online web interface known as the PMS (Program management system), allowing you to easily install, manage and fix or update your preferred applications in a single stroke. It was developed by two brilliant-minded programmers with the aim of allowing Users to automatically install several applications at once through a custom package installer.
If you’re the type that likes to download several applications for personal or commercial use and perhaps you’ve been finding it difficult to manage or update them regularly to suit your specifications, then Ninite is just the only right tool for you.
The usability of this interface is awesome and user-friendly, as it proposes a better way of monitoring all your applications without having to spend any effort in doing so.
There is a list of available free source applications you can download, ranging from web browser applications like chrome and firefox, messaging applications like skype, media and imaging applications, Run-times applications, Utility and developer tools. Others include compression applications like WinRAR, file sharing and security tools that you are likely to need.
A lot of us have tried installing several application software on our personal or business computers. It could be antivirus softwares, media and image softwares, developer softwares like notepad and python editor. All these installations must have been done individually which makes it a very complex thing to do. Not only does it consume your time, you could even unintentionally download junks or adwares along with your application.

Considering the risks that come along with individual installation by using one or more tools, it is often noted that most applications are gotten through the wrong source instead of the developer or publisher’s official site.

Ninite removes all the crap or junk files that comes along with your software and enables you to decided on them. It also ensures all your applications are downloaded from the publisher’s site in the most updates version. All patches or bug fixes are also automatically taken care of.

Although it's not all software application that is available on Ninite, you would still be able to find the most popularly used ones there. And supposing the application you really need isn't available, you can make a suggestion to the developers to get it included.

Ninite is a well trusted tool used by lot of big organisations like NASA, HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL and SONY because of the software data security it ensures.

Ninite can only be used on Windows operating system.

Why do you need Ninite 

Install all applications at once: With Ninite, you won’t have to install your applications one by one again and neither would you have to search for the tools compatible with your system. You can download more than 20 applications at once with just a click and the most amazing part of it is that, Ninite presents you only the most updated version of the app requested.

Manage all your applications easily: Sometimes you might want to use an application but you would find it surprising to see a message pop-up telling you that the version is obsolete and you need to download the new one. It is not always an obsolete message that you would receive, there could also be an error message about some bug or fixes that is needed to be done before such application can run on your system. Ninite ensures you can do all these to every one of your applications in an instant.

                     Note that an application can not be updated when it is being used. 

Advantages of using Ninite 

Easy to use: Nothing else can be as easy as using Ninite to install your applications. It doesn’t take too much from you, other than your internet connection and a windows operating system. Every step to use the interface is well outlined, that you won’t even need to ask for a guide.

Stress free:

Just select the applications you need and submit to generate a package installer for it all. Immediately your installer is generated, all you have to do is grab a cup of coffee and watch the downloads progress smoothly.


  • Ninite prevents the selection of Adware like toolbars and stops it from getting installed with your application.
  • It automatically detects the operating system type (64-bit or 32-bit) and initiates the installation of relevant programs.
  • Ninite installs applications in your preferred language and based on the default location.
  • All the programs installed are always the latest version.
  • Application installed is all from the publisher’s official site.
  • All work is done one the system background.
  • Apps are installed in the default location unless otherwise stated.

Advantages of Ninite pro 

Ninite Pro is somewhat similar to the ordinary Ninite. You can download and update applications as many as possible but there are a few extra features in Ninite Pro that could be very useful to you.
Automatic updates: You have a full control on which application want to automatically update or patch. There are also some features allowing you to lock an application and prevent it from updating.

More insight: Ninite pro allows you to get an advanced overview of your applications while monitoring their update, patching or installation.

You can patch and deploy apps right from your system browser.

How to install Ninite 

  • Unlike any other individual installer, getting Ninite is a very much easy thing to do.
  • Visit Ninite website Ninite official
  • Select all the applications you need.
  • Click the ‘Get your Ninite’ icon to install your custom package installer
  • Once the download is complete, open the file and select your applications.
  • You will be shown the progress bar of the applications you chose to download. Just make sure your internet connection is on and good, you can take walk before it is done.

Frequently asked Questions

There are several questions being asked on the Usability of Ninite tool for simultaneous installation of applications.

Q1. Is Ninite free to use?

Ans. Ninite is a free multiple software installer. It is made accessible to every windows user regardless of the location.

Q2. Is Ninite safe to use?

Ans. Ninite downloads only free source application from the publisher’s official site. Upon the download of any application, there's also an issued Ninite stamp ID. With regards to the safety of any software data on your system, Ninite can be trusted to handle it all.

Q3. Which is better between Ninite and Ninite pro?

Ans. There's absolutely no need to compare two because they both have their uses depending on the task assigned. Ninite is able to perform installation and management of your installed application. For every user with the aim to cover the basic needs of installing multiple softwares at once, then Ninite is recommended. Ninite pro is very useful to those who wants to patch and deploy apps right from their system.


Ninite, also known as Volery, is so far the best multiple software installer that allows you to effectively control every application’s usability and install several softwares simultaneously on your system.

Trusted by lots of top rated organisation, you would have to worry less about your data security and use it as much as you want.

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